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Specification of three-phase silicon carbide rod and function of silicon carbide rod resistance

Silicon molybdenum rod electric heating element is a resistance heating element based on molybdenum silicide. When it is heated to high temperature under air, a layer of dense quartz glass film will be formed on the surface to protect it from oxidation. In air, the service temperature of 1700 element is 1720 ℃, and that of 1800 element can reach 1850 ℃. Specifications and sizes include: 3 / 6, 4 / 8, 5 / 10, 6 / 12, 7 / 14, 9 / 18, 12 / 24 and other specifications. Silicon molybdenum rods include straight rods, u-rods, w-rods, bending right angle rods and other types. In addition, there are molybdenum disilicide through tube, molybdenum disilicide thermocouple protection tube, molybdenum disilicide probe and other special-shaped molybdenum silicide products.

Silicon carbide rod electric heating element is a rod tubular non-metallic high-temperature electric heating element made of high-quality green silicon carbide as the main raw material and processed into billet, high-temperature silicification and recrystallization. Compared with metal electric heating element, the element has the characteristics of high temperature (up to 1500 degrees Celsius), anti-aging, corrosion resistance, long life, slight deformation, easy installation and maintenance. The products of silicon carbide rod include thick end and equal diameter silicon carbide rod. The types include straight rod, u-rod, three-phase rod, h-rod, five section rod, groove rod, single thread rod, double thread rod and other specifications and models. The diameter range of silicon carbide rod is 8-60mm. Silicon molybdenum rod and silicon carbon rod products can be used as high-temperature electric heating elements in ceramics, magnetic materials, glass, metallurgy, powder materials, rare earth chemical industry, electronic components, metal treatment, refractories, research institutions and other industries in the atmosphere of air, nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia decomposition gas, inert gas and vacuum. A large number of products are sold all over the country and are deeply loved by the majority of users

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